Acro Revolution Bootcamp - Work-study Full Weekend

Acro Revolution Bootcamp - Work-study Full Weekend

125.00 225.00

We understand the value of connecting with our fellow instructors and would love to have you participate in Bootcamp at a substantial discount.  In exchange, here’s what we expect:

*Be on time and stay for the entire session

*Be a good example:  use spotters as directed, pay attention during demos and stick with the content being presented

*Be inclusive:  Bootcamp is an all levels event focused on community building, be willing to join groups who need a little extra help, don’t expect to play with your partner/friends the entire time

*Be knowledgable:  we don’t expect you to be experts at everything we will be covering but a working knowledge of pops, whips, hand to hand and standing acro is expected

*Help with set-up and clean-up as needed


If you have any questions, please contact Micki or Jeremy directly

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