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Westside Acro with Chris Filkins: Bringing Original Muscle Beach Training to Rebel Circus Arts


Friday 2/24- Strong Flyer 6-9pm

Saturday 2/25- Holding 10-1pm (Lunch 1-2:30pm) Machines 2:30-5:30pm

Sunday 2/26- Monos 10-1pm (Lunch 1-2:30) Soft Foot 2:30-5:30

Full Weekend Early Bird (only 10 spots available) $175 

Full Weekend $225

Single Module attendance $55

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This weekend long intensive will bring the type of training and work we do on the green and in the studios of Santa Monica and Venice California to Rebel Circus Arts in Philadelphia. This all levels series of workshops will focus on material designed to deepen your practice that will  challenge and frustrate monkeys of all levels.  We will be doing advanced progressions for everything.  There will be full and complete breakdowns to serve each participant so they leave the training with very specific movements, exercises, calibrations, and progressions to bring into their own practices with patterns of whatever level.

Chris has been leading Westside Across for the past 4+ years in Santa Monica.  It was the first homegrown sharing of what has been happening at OMB since the 1930’s.  Chris has been trained and cued by generations of bases and flyers ahead of him who came ahead of him on the beach where physical fitness began.  When Chris was pulled from his community and asked to teach what was happening at OMB in partner movement he completely changed the way AcroYoga was taught in LA.  Gone were the days of the standard “complete physical workout experience”.  Chris taught then and teaches now that we are here to work the hardest stuff possible until exhaustion.  He changed the paradigm from cuddle puddles, positive affirmations, and thai massage to training and alignment.

In this 15 hour intensive we will dig very deeply into a number of areas: crocs & gut levers, non-standard inversions, hand to hand, mono & goofy mono supports, side star floats and other strong flyer transitions, pops, & tons of training pieces.  Bring a notebook.

Chris is one of the west coasts most prominent soft foot specialists and his teachings have been key to a number of world famous local teachers who have all come up under Chris’ classes.  So there will be lots of soft foot training and of course a series of washing machines which emphasize effortless and casual foot transfers in way which serves the body of the flyer - not the ego of the base.

Chris began partner acrobatics as a flyer so his trainings tend to focus on enabling flyers to run the town.  But since meeting his first flying partner years ago he has become known as a bases’ base so you can expect a lot of base cam.

Westside Across weekly class is a 3 hour all level workshop for the price of a drop in class.  Every week the content is different and is a continual expression of Chris’ passions in the practice at the time.  You can expect each of the modules in this intensive to follow a similar template of bad jokes, farts, exhausting training, open discussions on how movement happen, and collaborative problem solving.

The Acro Revolution teacher training going on right now in Austin Texas will be discussing Chris’ groundbreaking ways of teaching all levels classes.

If you do this right you will come away with new insights in how to teach acro, how to be available to your partners, how to be a student, how to be a beginner, how to approach advanced work beyond what you think you are capable of, and whole host of additional things to work to find deeper satisfaction and trust in your self and your partners.

If you don’t do this right you will come away thinking crap that was a lot of money for a bunch of lame fart jokes.

Please come!

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