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Dutch Acro Weekend

A weekend for acrobats of all levels with an active practice, join Blox & Niko for two days of unmissable acro training. Accessible and challenging, dynamic and static, L-basing and standing, come and train a wide range of acrobatics movements from this highly seasoned acro duo. 




Acro session 1 - Standing Transitions

Acro session 2 - Foot to Hand



Acro session 3 - Hand to Hand

Acro session 4 - Icarian & Dynamic L-Basing




SUPER Early Bird (June 30)

Full Event - $130

Single Day - $80


Early Bird (Oct 14)

Full Event - $150

Single Day - $90



Full Event - $180

Single Day - $100


*** Get 20% off if you are also registering for Partner Acro Week ***



Although this is a multi-level event, it is not suitable for beginners. We ask that you have an active acro practice and be comfortable with the fundamental L-Basing and Standing positions and transitions between them: star, f2h, side star, 2 high, thigh stand, flag, high bird etc.



If you have a consistent training partner and want to explore a high degree of calibration in more advanced practice, consider joining us for the Partner Acro Week immediately before this event!



Blox & Niko are full-time world traveling acrobats. They are each coaches at Pitch Catch Circus School of Acrobatics and instructors at Partner Acrobatics. The two share a powerful acrobatic chemistry from countless hours of training and teaching together.

Instagram: @elliobloxacro @douwes_99


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