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Acro Revolution Bootcamp

Friday December 16, 11:00am - Sunday December 18, 5pm

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Want to do some crazy fun acro all weekend with your friends?  We all love acro for all those #AcroLove reasons but Boot Camp means you will get your workout on (so bring plenty of water and a clean set of clothes!)

We will be practicing safe acro. You do not need a partner and all levels are encouraged. This will be a weekend for some serious bonding.

*Spoiler Alert: We strive to entertain you while we educate you - but if that fails then we will stupefy you!

Micki Mooney (@acrojunkie) and Jeremy Martin (@homelessyogi) are certified Acro Revolution teachers and over the course of this weekend, little sprinkles of Acro Revolution tribe values will be sprinkled in, such as: acro is fun, safety first, play with everyone, be kind, and suck less.

For those with less experience, there will be many variations to make the acro accessible to all levels.
For more experienced acrobats we'll have several skilled assistants to help unlock more challenging content.

We are looking for knowledgeable and experienced acrobats to help us create this atmosphere of safety, learning, and baddassery! Contact us for details  *Preference given to experienced instructors. 

We'll be available Friday morning for small group Coaching sessions to facilitate your personal acro goals.
$80 2hrs. ****
1 coach per 4 ppl, Partnerships encouraged but not required

Full Weekend (includes lunch both days): $225
Half Day: $55
Fri Evening Instructional Jam: $25

*Veg options must RSVP.

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***We giggle in anticipation of making acro with all of you, our friends... And your friends..  And their roommates... And their moms...  But not your cat (sorry Donut)