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The AcroDude Sessions

TheAcroDude has been traveling all over the US for the last two years, teaching all levels of the community how to be even more awesome in all the forms of the acrobatic practice. Always an athlete competing at the highest levels growing up, he brings a martial arts background and training mind state to the acro community. 

SATURDAY 12pm-2:30pm Pop Shop will be covering what's important with popping, breaking it down pop by pop, cause what you do at the top is more important than not. Hahaha. Fundamentals and drills like always, for they are the stones on which this house of pops is built, and then we will move into the Pop Shop exploring some fun new pops that will have multiple additional levels to go to, so everyone will be challenged!

SATURDAY 4pm-6:30pm AcroDance is only the most fun thing ever in the whole world. If you're not a dancer, don't worry, this is AcroDance, acrobatics, so you don't need a dance background, just the desire to move. When you see someone dancing and you're like, "holy crap! What did they just do," that wow move, that's AcroDance. Acrobatic dance moves are applicable to all forms of dance and we have a ride range of styles covered, some are spinny, some flippy, some cartwheely, and all awesome and fun to do! Open to all skill levels and no partner is needed. So come out and AcroDance with us! 

Sessions include 2 hours training with a half hour warmup to get the body ready and in tune with our partners.